Alistair Elliott

In both his personal and business life, Alistair looks at the world through an artist’s eyes. Born in Scotland, Alistair attended Wellington Polytechnic taking Graphic Design after which he completed a Post Graduate Course in Photography. These qualifications opened the door to a career in graphic art, however Alistair says freedom of expression has always been his enduring first love. In the early 1980’s Alistair found the spare time to turn to fine arts, carving, furniture making, etching and photography. Much like water finding its own level, the brush and oil paint became his preference. Since the mid 1990’s Alistair has completed numerous portrait commissions, a series of flower paintings and is presently working on native New Zealand birds in their natural bush environment. Alistair prefers to work on large canvas'.


Apologies, none of Alistair’s work is available at the moment.