Angela Maritz

Born in South Africa, Angela Maritz is a professional artist living in Tauranga, New Zealand. "I am driven by feeling, or rather a more compulsive need to paint. Painting is my vehicle, but the expression is my journey. This is no ordinary experience, instead, a complex image captured through the lens of my camera and imagination.I experiment with acrylic, taking a playful journey and creating masterful plains of colour, almost like building a puzzle. At the same time each little piece, or tiny stroke, is formulating my unique style.

Colour inspires the painting or series, pieced together by “block like” pattern application. Almost like fleeting images of architecture or interior decorating. Paging through books or absorbing nature and plains of colour triggers my mind. Comparable to looking into the world of Henri Matisse, leaving me with impressions like precious gems captured in my soul."

Good Morning New Day
Angela Maritz, acrylic on canvas, 1120mm x 910mm

Across your Ocean
Angela Maritz, acrylic on canvas, 915mm x 1220mm