Study In Carlo Scarpa

Study In Carlo Scarpa


Arte Mani

- Lime concrete, marble powders., rust patina, water-based paint
- 800mm x 1200mm
- White shadow-box frame

Further Information:

The idea behind this piece started during our last trip to Italy when we visited the “Tomba Brion” Monument designed by Carlo Scarpa in San Vito di Altivole. Altivole is Marco’s birthplace and the town where he grew up. A monumental vault, designed by Carlo Scarpa - one of the most famous and talented Architects of the last century – has been created with wood casted concrete and rusted metal with some implements of mosaic tiles and rustic wood. This piece is a study we wanted to do to play around the way the light reflects on different angles of the wood casted concrete surface. The concrete product used for this piece is a particular recipe that uses soda carbonate to react with the lime-based concrete to create a very realistic finish. Also within the carbonation process - a reaction obtained with the natural aging of the marble powder – the patina on this piece will become more realistic with time.
An image of the inspiration behind the piece.


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