Yellow Landscape

Yellow Landscape


Arte Mani

- Semi- Polished Grassello – made with aged marble paste
- White shadowbox frame
- 1195mm x 1195mm

Further Information:

Grassello is a product made with aged marble powder and water mixed together to form a lime paste. The technique to work this medium is to layer extra thin levels of paste eventually working them with the trowel to press them to reveal a surprising and impressive sheen. This technique has been used for centuries to decorate the interiors of Venetian Palaces and Villas and in more recent times to recreate Marble Stone effects and semi-precious Surfaces. We decided to further evolve this medium with an abstract and contemporary approach - moving it away from the conservative use that has defined it for centuries. The semi polished finish of its surface gently reflects the light and changes the way we perceive the colors as we move around it.


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