Barbara von Seida

Born in Germany, Barbara trained for five years in Art and Design at Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) in Krefeld, Germany.  In 1984, Barbara migrated to south-west Ireland where she established a studio and became widely known for her creative achievements in both ceramics and watercolour painting. 1990 saw her move to New Zealand where she set up base in the Coromandel, opening up the gallery known as Kowhai Watercolour Studio, which she still runs.

This particular body of work brings a slight change to Barbara’s style. They are a reflection on the feelings, hardships, emotions, that have dominated her life over the past few years. There is a simplicity, a harmony that can be found, a conscious progression that allows her colour to evoke and portray mood and emotion.  “My latest work expresses a time in winter where turbulent weather systems caused flooding, and roads on the Coromandel Peninsula became impassable. Dark, ominous, dramatic clouds became a daily feature. I responded in an attempt to combine the atmospheric conditions and the geological forces of the New Zealand countyside."

Apologies, we currently have none of Barbara’s work available.