Belinda Barnao

Because of Belinda’s special circumstances, she created a style that was very much her own. Her diminished eyesight meant she couldn’t easily draw inspiration from other artists and copying was out of the question. Belinda forged her own path, developed her own techniques and worked hard to discover new ways to create detailed work. She plunged into her work boldly and confidently, using all kinds of exciting, non-traditional techniques to put paint on canvas and create fresh and exciting detailed work. For example, Belinda often uses her bare hands to paint. Plus spatula’s, shoe brushes, a lid off a paint tube (to create abstract circles in her work). She uses cloths or, as she says with a smile, anything!  She uses resins, shellacs, French inks and oils. Her work is, she admits, totally open to interpretation. Her paintings are abstract and have a habit of evolving as she works, and she works quickly and instinctively. Objects and themes seem to appear as if under their own power and sometimes surprise Belinda herself. Figures appear mysteriously but belong immediately, again “under their own steam”. These figures are usually a suggestion or a shadow in the work rather that a definitive, literal presentation, but they do add a remarkable depth and context to the work. Says Belinda, “my new technique involves, building layers of paint and resins and I use superior quality oil paints that absorb and reflect light. This means that some of my paintings “come alive” at night.

Apologies, Art Matakana Gallery no longer has Elvira’s work.