Belinda Wilson

My work usually involves people in all walks of life. I am interested in their gestures, the way a body is sprung and expresses emotion. The way a body holds the impulse of the next movement already in it. Contained gesture. Their spirit, the movement in their bodies, their relationship to one another and to their surroundings – the mood held in their gestures. What they seem to be saying to each other, who they are, what perhaps they are thinking.

Lately I have been watching people’s relationship with their animals; watching the dance between them, the checking in, the projection. it is largely a non verbal  relationship. The wordlessness is the best thing. Just a marvelling, a tenderness, a connection. These things catch my attention and make me want to paint them and the rest comes with the paint.

Apologies, we currently have none of Belinda’s work available.