Charlie McKenzie

Charlie specializes in creating artworks that are large and stunning with a wow factor. Following on from a design and build background in specialist fiberglass products, Charlie began his art joinery 10 years ago. While developing large square decorative fiberglass planter pots, Charlie began experimenting with textiles in resin. This lead to the discovery of screen printed Marimekko fabric from Finland. Soon realizing it was more fun and more challenging creating large resin infused Marimekko fabric wall art, Charlie decided this was the area he wanted to expand in.

Six years ago Charlie gave a lot of thought as to how to create a true signature look. The result was the ‘Orb’ these are round convex pieces, which Charlie is now well known for. With the introduction of the Orb to the market it was the right time to start expanding into hand painted original fabrics. The resin treatment enhances the fabrics, simply put, it takes dry ink to wet ink.

Charlie McKenzie, acrylic and resin on a fiberglass orb, 1150mm round

Copper Run
Charlie McKenzie, resin and powdered metal on a fiberglass orb, 1270mm round