Cindy Hutton

Cindy is a Nelson artist who has inherited her love of art from her grandmother, who was also a professional artist.  She paints in oils, from photographs of anything from landscapes to portraits. “I was originally inspired to paint in watercolours after seeing the works of early watercolour artists.  However, after attending a worskshop where I was tutored by a renowned New Zealand artist, I developed a love for oil painting.  I have always been drawn to romanticism and I enjoy the challenge of taking a blank canvas and creating a scene that evokes happiness, drawn from New Zealand’s magic scenery combined with the carefree poses of children.”

Cindy works from her studio in Nelson which overlooks an acre of park-like gardens where she lives with her husband and children.  She has used their early childhood photos as the subject of many of her works.  

Sail Away
Cindy Hutton, oil on canvas, 1100mm x 510mm