Copper Workx is proudly owned and operated by Ross and Michelle (Mitch) Sturgeon from their home workshop in the township of Coromandel.

With a background in the rural sector and a passion for fishing and the outdoors, they have taken their appreciation of home and garden craft work and used this to inspire their work with copper. Scrap copper is sourced from regular suppliers and transformed into numerous different creations.

All Copperworkx products are handmade in New Zealand using old recycled hot water cylinders to produce magnificent copper art for outside in the garden and inside the home. 95% Recycled Copper means that you will own a unique piece of art as no two items can be exactly the same.  The nature of the copper hot water cylinders they use varies due to their past life and hence various characteristics or battle scars distinguishes each item as a truly unique handmade product.                             

Copperworkx, 95% recycled copper, hanging wall sculpture inside/outdoor, 1140mm x 1280mm approx.

Maple Leaves (set of 3) (1 set available)
Copperworkx, 95% recycled copper, hanging wall sculpture, 170mm x 170mm approx. each, (leaves may vary in pattern as to what is shown)

Copperworkx, 95% recycled copper, hanging wall sculpture
Large - 340mm x 1930mm - sold
Small -
200mm x 1000mm - sold