Elena Nikolaeva

Our world is changing rapidly. So many people were born and grew up in one part of the Earth and then decided to move to another part and again to another… Fast growing tribe of the Citizens of the Earth.. I couldn't imagine 20 years ago that I would be one of these people, that all of a sudden I would "jump" out from my cozy Russian environment into the unknown and mysterious world of the Pacific. Practically to the opposite side of the planet, to the "upside down" realm.

I have been collecting driftwood for a number of years, and finally there was no more room to store it. And so this point seemed to be the critical mass which triggered my creative 3-D action. Birds, people, fish… I create characters and I choose the appearance which is most suitable for a certain character. This is my the latest series of sculptures, a new twist. A triggering point for it was a magical box of nails I bought at a Mangawhai garage sale.

Bernard Bell Bird
Elena Nikolaeva, mixed media sculpture

Bert (Royal Kingfisher)
Elena Nikolaeva, mixed media sculpture