Hot Art

Andrea trained and worked as an Architect in the north east of England, Newcastle-upon Tyne, for 12 years until her first son was born. She then delved into another creative arena of fused glass, creating jewellery and unique glass artworks while her children were pre-schoolers.

Taking on the Hot Art mantle in 2014, Andrea has discovered a new passion in handmade ceramics and is excited about the future and possibilities of this stunning brand.

Black Cobble Saturn Bowl
Hot Art, fired ceramic with black gloss glaze

King Wave Bowl in White Cobble
Hot Art, fired ceramic with pacific glaze

Volcanic Glaze Wave Bowl
Hot Art, fired ceramic in a volcanic glaze with matte black

Tartan Ceramics
Hot Art, fired ceramic with gloss glaze

Rimmed Platter - sold
Small Lovely Bowl - sold
Large Lovely Bowl - $100.00