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Intuitive | 17 Nov - 13 Dec

Intuitive, an exhibition by Janine Whitelaw and Jane Blackmore. 

Janine is a full time northland based artist who is on a constant journey of creative discovery. Working in different series that flow on from intuitively from ideas of inspiration, this collection shows a glimpse of works from various series that she is working on. While different, all have a common theme of nostalgia in the beauty of Aotearoa that is influential in most of her work. Her work allows the viewer to determine their own relationship to them and the emotion that they may evoke.

Jane say's of this body of work "for over twenty years i have found passion for my Artwork in nature. The paintings, whether they are the flowers, abstractions or landscapes are predominantly about stopping and just being in the moment. I have a love for oil paint and the way it moves and glows – it is a constant fascination to me. It is this quality that pushes me to further explore colour, form and movement in all my art. I want to capture a timeless quality in my working, something that becomes a meaningful part of your life. You will observe and engage differently every time you view it, inhaling the beauty of something that has been created."

East Coast Scenes

East Coast Scenes

Janine Whitelaw

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