Jake Clayton

For as long as he can remember, young artist Jake Clayton, has been creating works of art, whether it be carving in a wood shed or drawing remote landscapes. This need to create led Jake to a promising career in Industrial design, but in his spare time you will rarely see him without a paintbrush in hand. Since first attempting to paint in 2014, Jake has been completely self-taught in painting with acrylic and oils, challenging himself with each new project to refine his skill and push outside his comfort zone.

“I often take direct inspiration from my travels. Photographing the wildlife and landscapes of Africa, Melanesian Islands and various parts of New Zealand, to be re-imagined on a canvas, extracting emotions I felt in that moment and using it to inform the colour, texture and composition of each piece. I hope to extend my inspiration to Alaska, China and South America one day, but I feel that New Zealand will never stop providing beautiful landscapes and adorable little creatures for me to paint.”

Queen of Botswana
Jake Clayton, oils on canvas, 1010mm x 760mm