Jane Pierce

Jane began painting while at secondary school and developed a passion for art. She studied at Elam school of fine arts before moving overseas. Jane hass always worked with high quality acrylics because of their fast drying quality which allows overlaying of colour and versatility in thickness. Acrylic along with inks, crayons and texture are used, with the acrylic being applied vigorously giving the works a looseness free of structure colours are vibrant and layered which gives the work depth with Indian ink is used to create free fluid lines. The work is started with a subject matter in mind but the work progresses spontaneously. There is no need for major explanation as the paintings speak for themselves. I enjoy a variety of subjects including figurative and still life depicting people interacting with everyday objects. Subjects are often taken from my own personal experiences gained through many years of travel looking at countries and cultures. 

Jane Pierce, acrylic on canvas, 1210mm x 1210mm

Jane Pierce, acrylic on canvas, 1000mm x 1000mm