Jennie De Groot

Jennie’s paintings occupy a space where reality, imagination and memory all hold equal tenancy. The tension between realism and abstraction, place and non-place, coupled with her interest in introducing memory and imagination into the paintings manifests in the disrupted quality that is emphasised with either the paint or the format of the painting. The viewer experiences the seeing and dissolution of a place in almost one instant.

Jennie enjoys the tension between suggestion and representation and focuses on being inventive with her application of paint and experimenting with  materials whist painting the same subject matter and visiting dominant themes.

The painting process has to be fresh and interesting: she favours oils, builds up layers, scapes back, moves it around and uses her  tools creatively to make marks that remain in the finished painting. She suggest both  the unknown and the known in the atmosphere, but with emphasis on suggestion. 

Jennie exhibits annually and has been a finalist in several prestigeous national awards. She maintains a studio in the Waikato .

Crossroads and Dead Ends
Jennie De Groot, oil on wood, 1200mm x 400mm

Blue Sky Bicycle Race
Jennie De Groot, oil on wood, 650mm x 150mm

Passing Through On The Way To Somewhere Else
Jennie De Groot, oil on wood, 650mm x 150mm