Judy Wood grew up in Huntsville, in a forming town with artist women. She was educated in Whangarei and at Otago University, started her clay career in 1969, and now lives on a bush land property north of Warkworth.

For Judy, inspiration comes mostly from nature and the human form. The large studio Judy built is now home to ‘Clay Play’ classes, as well as her continuing exploration of the coiled form.

Largely self taught, Judy’s work has taken her to the UK for classes with Sandy Brown; to the US for a workshop with Dorothy Hafner, as well as numerous tutors in Auckland including Len Castle, Jeff Oestreich (from US) and Takeshi Yasuda. She has exhibited regularly, is involved with the Fletcher Brownbuilt Auckland Studio Potters award (where Judy has won several merit awards) and is involved with the Warkworth Craft Gallery Loop – of which she was a township member.

At present, Judy is working at the Quarry Arts Center in Whangarei, concentrating on making large works.

IO The Unknown
Judy Wood, glazed and fired clay

Seed Carrier
Judy Wood, glazed and fired clay

Judy Wood, glazed and fired clay