Kevin Passmore

"Our native rainforest and bird life is my continuing source of inspiration and I visit it often with my camera. There is such a richness of light and atmosphere there, especially after the rain, that I constantly want to capture and turn into colours. My paintings have been evolving in style over the last five years or so, in which time they have become more complex and refined. I have remained faithful to the use of contiguous pure colour shapes which have much in common with wood-block prints or screenprints but obviously with a greater variety of colours at my disposal."

"Through my years of teaching art I developed a deep interest in the properties of colour and colour relationships and was drawn to early twentieth century artists who broke from the realist tradition and used colour expressively. The strong graphic component in my work comes from my formative years learning design at art school. Similar in subject matter and theme, my prints seek to express the reverence I feel standing in the stillness of the rainforest. The cutting edge ‘print to metal’ technology that is used for these prints is in perfect resonance with my intentions which is to convey that feeling which was best described by American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said “The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship”

Bush Whispers IV
Kevin Passmore, acylic diptych on canvas, 1515mm x 1520mm (total)