Mandy Emerson

Mandy says of her work, "The products I apply are all added in a series of layers giving them an almost vintage look. I love giving the aged gloss finish as this process brings out all the colour and layers to provide the depth and gives my work a mysterious finish.The imagination once I enter my art room escalates and captures me in to a zone of creativity. My interpretation to the blank canvas is the story that is about to unfold. My works are more of an illustrated fiction story, a vision of an imaginative mind for you as the beholder to create your very own story and be pulled in as you study each piece. I have an infatuation with dresses, chairs, chandeliers, birds, nests and monarchs .The paths leading up to little doors is my representation of either the entering or exiting to the illustrated wonderland which are hidden away for only those who have a creative imagination will see.

Apologies, we currently have none of Mandy’s work available.