Megan Daniels

Megan grew up in South Africa in a small rural town in Kwa-Zulu Natal. She was instantly attracted by New Zealand’s stunning landscapes, and coming from a country as vast as South Africa, found there was a softness and closeness here not found in her homeland. Plants and flowers both native to New Zealand and exotic are depicted in her paintings, and intentionally placed close in the foreground enhancing the perspective to the more distant landscape.

Megan says "I like the feeling of being low and immersed within the landscape, some say a ‘child like’ perspective, with a strong sense movement. I would describe my style as ‘painterly’ and ‘expressive’.  Perhaps the most important aspect of my work is the layering of the paint on the canvas using individual purposeful brush strokes. As the painting develops and the story of these marks is told, I resist the urge to blend the paint, trusting rather in the viewer's eye to blend the marks together in a individual way to understand the overall image."