Nicolle Aston

Nicolle is a self-taught artist working in acrylic on quality hand stretched canvas. Nicolle's style is characterised by accentuating contrast and creating colourful intensity through layering. Her enjoyment of experimentation brings diversity across her paintings. “I have explored many subjects, and everywhere I look I see potential subjects for painting, but I’m constantly drawn back to foliage and flora.” Nicolle's inspiration stems from her love of nature and the environment."I find nature uplifting. In our busy world we are surrounded by the mass-produced, the manufactured, the disposables, the digitally enhanced, the devices, and the instantaneous, nature reminds us to slow down, look around, and notice the splendor.” Nicolle is deliberate with her subject matter and enjoys the simplicity of viewing a subject without confusion or nuance. "There is nothing gloomy in my work. I like optimistic colours and subjects."