Paul Deacon

Paul Deacon is one of New Zealand’s leading Marine Artists, an accomplished painter in oils and every other form of artistic expression. He is a member or the Australian Society of Marine Artists and the New Zealand Fellowship of Fine Art. Paul grew up in the port of Dartmouth (Devon), observing port activities and going on board vessels from an early age. His love for the sea was fulfilled when he joined the British Merchant Navy where he acquired knowledge and experience of the ocean in all its moods.

Sailing the seas has inspired Paul to paint with feeling, depicting the movement of the heaving waters as only a sailor could. Paul has travelled extensively, sailing on various vessels in European and New Zealand waters. He still takes every opportunity to explore and record nautical subjects on his travels to Europe, North America and the South Pacific. He exhibits in New Zealand through select Art Galleries and portrays life both on the ocean and ashore with well researched detail. He teaches in workshops and private classes in the Auckland region. His paintings and illustrations have been utilized in publications in the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia


Boatsheds at Whangateau
Paul Deacon, oils on board, framed,