Sonia Fraser

Sonia is inspired by the ocean, the changing intensities of light and colour, contrasts in the cool distant headlands, bush, hills and islands, vivid skies and still reflective water. It is the essential New Zealand landscape, which gives me a sense of home and belonging, has shaped our identity and is familiar to us all.

"I try to portray my own interpretation of this recognisable imagery, to convey its beauty and familiarity, but also its remoteness and isolation. I like to bring a meditative quality to my paintings and portray a heightened awareness of the land and sea. My paintings are devoid of human elements because I want to focus more purely on the scene and transport the viewer either into or beyond the painting; to create an intimate world of peace and tranquility where they can be alone with their thoughts and emotions. These paintings are my explorations into new ways of portraying the typical landscape perspective. I like to capture a sense of the familiar, but not necessarily a specific place. Although still in the representational genre, by manipulating colour and perspective within the scene, I like to play with the emotion of the paintings, whilst still trying to retain aesthetic balance. By taking out the sky and the horizon line, this birds-eye view invites the viewer to experience a new perspective of being suspended in space or hanging over the edge of a cliff." 

Sonia Fraser, oil on canvas, 840mm x 1220mm

Motutara Headland, Whananaki
Sonia Fraser, oil on canvas, 1520mm x 760mm