Steve Hoskin

Steve Hoskin's love of the surf has often been reflected in his art, which has progressed and grown with each passing phase of life. From airbrushing waves in the loft of his beach house with his two daughters playing at his feet, to his latest medium, relief work, out in the sleep-out with his granddaughter vying for his attention. Steve’ s passion for surf art has eventually found its natural home on the ultimate canvas - the surfboard. It so beautifully reflects what it was designed to do, surf the perfect wave. His eye for shape and texture together with acrylic compound has enabled him to create a unique three dimensional effect. It captures the imagination and makes you wish you were there. Steve also endeavours to give his work a nostalgic feel which many a surfer will relate to. He wants to take people back to a much simpler time, an era before the world became so complicated and hectic.

Apologies, none of Steve's work is available at the moment.