Talulah Belle Lautrec-Nunes

Lautrec-Nunes populates her canvases with bright jewels of colour and is no stranger to the intuitive game that is ‘abstract painting’. She states of her abstracts “I am just allowing the works to be made and then see what becomes of them.” Tracing the movement of each colour and shape we are able to observe what appears to be a two way dialogue with the canvas, witnessing an artist opening up to the dynamic evolution and emergent personality of each painting, we are able to find something of wonder in each.
There are no explicit entry points to Lautrec-Nunes paintings. Instead they are made up of a series of strong, interconnected shapes, sinuous lines and meandering brush strokes, each equally animated, entwined and dependant on one another. “I’m continually searching for the perfect mark. It has to be instant and uncomplicated, natural, fluid and fresh. I’m never satisfied with what I create. I’m constantly striving to make the next painting revolutionary.”

We currently have none of Talulah's work available.