Wilma Jennings - wilma j design

For myself, my work is created on three main levels. Firstly, my need to express a satisfactory design that excites me. The artist in me. Secondly, the technical point of view capturing the design, the hands on creation in wet clay, the drying and decoration, the firings in the kiln and the viewing of the end result. The artisan in me. Then the opening of the kiln where I know I will always be challenged as to how each piece has come alive and look at how it could be changed to a different look, or how the the process may have been done differently. My vision for each piece from the start determines my degree of satisfaction with each fired result and involves how I can now complete this vision successfully.

Thirdly, my need to forget the process and just enjoy and accept the visual result, and this moment where my skills, chemistry and kiln have combined at times to surprise me. Usually I then examine how I can repeat this surprise.In the end, one can waver between having control of the process, or just seeing what happens, but I feel I can only be fulfilled when the visual result  is close to my vision from the beginning, and I recognise my role is only part of a total process. It is always a living process for me. Part control, part art, part chemistry,and a journey to enjoy. 

Wilma Jennings, glazed and fired ceramic, sits on bamboo stake (inc)
$52.00 ea- presently out of stock

Wood Pigeons
Wilma Jennings, glazed and fired ceramic

Small - sold
Medium - sold
Large (1) - $135.00

Large Splash Bowl
Wilma Jennings, glazed and fired ceramic, 275mm diameter

Medium Splash Bowl (2)
Wilma Jennings, glazed & fired ceramic, 225mm diameter
$180.00 ea

Splash Moa Egg Bowl (1)
Wilma Jennings, glazed & fired ceramic
$90.00 ea

Koru on Aluminium Stake (dark taupe & natural available)
Wilma Jennings, fired ceramic, 230mm (koru height)
Taupe (shown above, 1 available) - $26.00 ea
Natural (1 available) - $26.00 ea