So Dark The Night

So Dark The Night


Film Noir Series | Ingrid Boot

- Acrylic on canvas
- 700mm x 1000mm


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'So Dark The Night’ is from Ingrid’s Film Noir series. Dark, mysterious, and full of attitude, the heart of the stories generally centered on women of questionable virtue, and the birth of what is now referred to as the ‘Femma Fatale’.

“It is this aspect I have explored, as I have a love of painting women with off their complexities of character,” Ingrid explains. “She is usually found with a whisky and cigarette in her hand, no doubt be carrying a gun in her clutch, and be quite comfortable to use it at any time.”

“I used two models for these works, Leda Petit and Morgan Heron. In regards of location, I used a variety of historical areas around Auckland - notably Hotel de Brett on High Street, the old Auckland Railway Station, and the George Courts Department Store on Mercury Lane. “

Ingrid carefully sources all her outfits and props to create the most authentic feel in her work. From the handmade cigarettes, old typewriter, and desk fan, to the fox fur stole (not very PC in this day & age), all extras are genuine.